Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A dream come true

It's all about love <3

Photographer: Ik Idea
Art Director: Jeane Pearl Amparado & Emma Lynn Amparado
Set Man: Kent Anthony Sayson
MUA: Tina of Jacinto
Location: Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort, Eden Bayabas Toril, D.C.

draping, styling, designing & sewing - all home made!

This Fashion Design Portfolio is designed as a promotional tool for my online shop
I made this couture to share my life, my own creations and my passion.

My Weapon of Choice? 

As a Canvas Designer/Merchandiser, I realized that It's hard to align your dreams with your passion & talents - That's when I graduated in college. I really dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, go to a fashion industry school and will set up a Fashion Boutique after. Since I'm in the field of marketing for making tarpaulin tent, canopy, canvas & etc,  Most of my day was spent at the office reading magazines, sketching/fashion designing, sewing using the "upholstery sewing machine"! That freakn machine skips stitches!! These things happen to the best of my works from time to time, and I rarely have great sewing moments :( ..but being in this field is not a tough job, I enjoy every single moment though.

These are some of my handmade arts & works using Upholstery sewing machine:

I just love making printed skirts <3

 A piece of advice to all the dreamers out there: 
 “Keep your dreams alive"