Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mint and Paisley

Holla! I'm back to blogging. back to being a photographer, designer, and model all by myself! Ha!

I am extremely addicted to Mint and pastels; I think splashing it with paisley print is perfect! Prints are super awesome, my must-have outfit design as readers like to know! 

Paisley for me is like a twisted teardrop, Also looks like a kidney ( lol ). Seriously, this paisley is a motif for persian origin since AD 224,  but it's more like indian for me. Anyway, this look, all-in-all i think, is identified with psychedelic style with a girly twist!

TOP: Bandeau from Gmall
SKIRT: Paisley Skirt from RaiRai Couture
BAG: Night Bazaar
SHOES: brown brogue snakeskin heels from etsy
NECKLACE: mustache necklace by RaiRai
RING: RaiRai
BELT: Braided Belt from C. Warehouse