Sunday, September 2, 2012

My First Ever Aztec (Outfit for Granny's 96th Birthday)

Let me introduce you my first aztec outfit, hello aztec! Woohoo finally! First time shopper of Bubbles as well, and I personally would like to purchase again, items are good quality for the price. I am totally digging their aztec print clothes and bags, and it gave me so much excitement on the first wear. So Let me know what you think. 

Special Thanks to granny for letting me borrow these cute pair of loafers, I love them so much. So comfortable. I guess you've found your sole mate lola, Happy 96th Birthday :)

Wait! there's more! Say Hi to my first aztec bag! Bought this for 530(shipping fee included). Thanks DEI!

Purple Aztec Midrib top: Bubbles
Spiked Collar Necklace: Vain and Gain
Orange Neon Bangles: Vain and Gain
High-waist Denim Shorts: Levis
Aztec Satchel Bag: DEI
Purple Loafers: Granny's


  1. That bag is so amazingly fun and bright :) I love how it just makes the whole look pop and happy b-day to your granny :)

  2. Such a great bag! Looks great with your outfit :)

  3. @Anni - Thank you so much anni. Glad you liked it.