Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thrift Queen

My vintage navy Blue floral dress is one of my favorite thrifts ever. Head to toe look by the way are thrifted, minus the belt! Shoes cost only Php10(.24$), really! This pair of shoes were super interesting, cute and unique. I love shopping vintage thrifts. I've been thrift shopping my entire adult life. Thrift shopping is fun, and extremely rewarding on my part. I've scored so much amazing stuffs over the years, and this became my boredom buster. Every time I go to the thrift stores, I did notice that a few of the clothing items were over-priced and not the usual 'thrift store' prices, So one of my strategies is to spend not more than Php150(or 11$)for second-hand fashion stuffs. Sometimes buying on impulse, but I'm usually a wise-spender and the best thrift stores are near the market, and even lined up along the sidewalk. You don't have to pay much, You just have to be brave, boost your confidence and practice your haggling skills. lol.

Special Thanks to Cristine Sayson, my personal photographer! Thanks In!

My fave quote for thrifting: "The truly brave are always rewarded with the most outrageous finds"

Navy Blue Floral Dress: thrifted
Brown Leather Sling Bag: thrifted (Php 40)
Brown Braided Belt: C. Warehouse
Navy Blue Shoes: thrifted (Php 10)


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