Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cheltenham Races - Fashion round-up

The Cheltenham Races is a flurry of fascinators, fine fillies and fantastic fashion, regardless of the British weather. Despite some bitterly cold conditions, race-going fashionistas put their best foot forward this year to brighten up their surroundings with an array of show-stopping outfits. A number of key trends stood out around the racecourse, including dazzlingly bright colour, florals and feathered hats.


A firm favourite around the grounds was floral print. Found on day dresses, tailored suits and even on shoes, the most chic Cheltenham racegoers updated their outfits for 2013 by opting for digital floral prints, neon colours and oversized blooms.

Feathered hats

A new entry in the style stakes came this year with the popularity of feathered hats. Offering an alternative to the fascinator, feathered hats came in all shapes and sizes. Royal Zara Phillips looked stunning in a tiny black hat decorated with circular peacock feathers, while a huge red and black number decorated with sweeping feathers won visitor Lystra Adams the award for best hat on Ladies Day.

Neon brights

In cold conditions, nothing puts a bit of warmth back into the atmosphere like a neon bright dress, shoes or hat. Some visitors dressed up a little black or white dress with neon pink or green shoes, while others added flashes of colour to their hats with ultra-bright stripes, checks or ribbons.

Vintage looks

It appears Mad Men style is here to stay. A popular look came in the form of tailored suits in pastel colours, dressed up with chic pillbox hats, huge sunglasses and ladylike handbags. Other fashion-conscious race-goers opted for 1950s style full skirts, paired with car coats and oversized pearl jewellery.

Cossack hats

Taking inspirations from films such as Dr Zhivago and Anna Karenina, the luxurious fur Cossack hat provided much needed warmth in the sometimes rather cold conditions. The Duchess of Cambridge's sister Pippa Middleton stood out in a bright yellow coat and a fluffy brown fur hat, which she paired with Givenchy sunglasses and brown suede knee boots.