Friday, November 29, 2013

Photography - the new habit.

In our world, technology became not only accessible but also necessary. Photography has evolved together with the technology and today it got a new meaning and it seized a whole new sphere. Besides being an art and science at the same time, photography became a job, a hobby and a well known habit. Yes, it is a habit for this generation. With accessible phones with cameras and Internet access, everyone is taking photos of everything, in order to show them to the others.Taking photographs it is simple, if you are some teenager taking pictures in the mirror with the camera on your phone, for posting them on Facebook. If you are a New York advertising photographer that is supposed to bring something new to the famous Empire State Building, through a photo, that will eventually become an ad, it is not so simple.
We see photos of things, people and pets every day. Photography is everywhere. It is pretty hard to find a city with no billboards, a home with no photo albums and a phone with no self photos. That is how huge is the impact of this art on us and how available it is for everyone. It is simply important for people to capture the moment. When you get old, all you are going to do for remembering the times will be looking at photos. Even today, you need a photo to exactly remember how you were looking like, 10 years ago. When you were kid, all you did when you were leafing through the books you had at home, was looking at the images. The images in books, are sometimes the main attraction and not only for kids. The same is happening with the people who are bored, sitting in a waiting room, leafing through magazines and also looking only at the images.
 Photography has always been an important factor in our lives. Yes we have some ideas about how Napoleon was looking like, but still there were only paintings, not high quality pictures, which can show us the very real face. Imagine if the biggest events in history were photographed. What if there were real photographs of Jesus Christ transforming the water in wine, there would be no more atheists in this world. Only imagine, if we had some real photographs of Pyramids in Egypt while they were built. We would have so many answers to questions we had for a long time.
A moment captured, lasts forever. This is why, photography has become so accessible to everyone and it is now definitely a habit for many. There is no better way to immortalize a moment and to create memories, than taking photos.


  1. It so well said and so true image could bring memories into place a location you might not remember and as soon as you see the image it flood of memories Picture is part of our life its a fact. Have a great weekend.

  2. I totally agree with you. Photography is everywhere. We are such a visual culture!

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