Friday, April 17, 2015


Spring has sprung so I decided to put together a little spring wishlist featuring items from DRESSLINK. I picked pieces which I thought would be ideal for the blooming season. I love how nuetral these finds are, absolutely perfect for a special occasion, lounging in a flower field is the perfect shop where you can find the latest style clothing and fashion for woman, including dresses, skirts, bags, lingeries, leggings, sweaters, shoes and accessories here. This shop offers the best price and convenient shipping service. 

Please click the photos below to check my dresslink item wishlist:

have fun!


  1. Love it!

  2. Nice!

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST on my fashion blog and feel free to enter my latest Printic giveaway!

    XoXo Venoma
    Venoma Fashion Freak

  3. Nice wishlist from dresslink! Love it :)

  4. love love love sunglasses! totally cool! :)

  5. great selection!!!! I really love the sunglasses, so cute :)
    Kisses dear!!!

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