Thursday, June 11, 2015


1. READ OR STUDY anything at all. So you can pass all of your classes. If you don't like reading books, use comics, magazines or a newspaper

2. D-I-Y .   Transform old jeans into cute shorts, dip dye clothing, Cut a big tee shirt into a muscle tank, or Cut a pants into a long sleeved top, make a fringe skirt, cut-out shirt. (ex. Heart cut-out dress, Cross cut-out shirt.) Add glow sticks into balloons, make a scrapbook, and many more.

3. REDECORATE. If your room is looking so last season, You could move the furniture around, or hang different things on your walls, put up statement frames, make a collage on your wall of photos and movie tickets and sentimental stuffs like that.

Achieving a perfect bedroom begins with the bed. After all, it's the focal point of the box. Everyone loves a well dressed bed. There are a few ways to do in decorating that will make your bed as comfortable as possible. Creating this look can be an easy task with our tips and tricks in this article.

Beds can either be formal with roses or bedding plants lined properly, or they can be informal with a mixture of the various types of flower colors at various spacings. But talking about roses, Why not pick something 3D ifor your bed cover and sheets? Bed styling can be so much fun when you buy the right prints for you. Here are some ideas for a well-dressed bed:

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 4. PAMPER. Take long jacuzzi baths instead of showers. Do your nails, apply facemask, give yourself a makeover, do some kind of different homeservice hairdo, and do your nails and toes while listening to your favorite music, and all that stuff


  1. Great ideas! I always used to redecorate or do DIY.

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  2. Love the Pamper point! Always my favourite thing to do when I'm bored! x

  3. I also love to redocorate my bedroo when Im bored ^^
    followed u, mind to follow back? thank you ^^

  4. I also love to redocorate my bedroo when Im bored ^^
    followed u, mind to follow back? thank you ^^

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