Thursday, November 24, 2016


Thank When you look for a stand-out, unique and luxury accessories, exotic skins are taking luxury into the wild. When you add ostrich skin handbag, alligator, stingray, natural lizard and crocodile skin bags to you look, you are creating something that's truly unique and exciting. The Fall 2016 runways it’s that we no longer need to be afraid of exotic trend luxury and that we should be carefree to take more new approach to fashion. 

There are ways to keep this luxury item simple, 2016 designs and trend have even extended this idea into their bags as pieces are formed utilizing exotic skins made into an exotic cross body bag.

I got five favorites from Farbod Barsum. My top favorite is their crossbody designs. Please let me know via comment below on which number of bag is your favorite. You can’t go wrong with exotic skins, no matter which one you choose

P.S I provide the links of each item so that you can start shopping!

By the way, ever wonder how this items made? Carefully designed, and made with quality, lixury and refinement. A Beverly Hills based design house manufacturing product in the U.S. The sources of materials are sustainably harvested and dyed in chrome free tanneries making approach to design both ethical and ecologically sound. These exotic skins are registered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department and meet strict compliance with the international requirements of CITES. The designs are hand crafted by master artisans resulting in wearable art that is sought after by  International Royalty, Celebrities, and Socialites.

Travel in style and class with exotic skins. A luxury luggage should be the symbol of elegance. Choosing these two travel essentials below is like carrying a unique work of art when I travel.


  1. Love your pics, especialla nr. 2 :D

    Have a nice day!


  2. Very nice bags!

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