Monday, December 5, 2016


 While fall is yet to be well and truly over, my winter wishlist has begun to gain momentum, on the wind of trendy items again from This whole year just flew by so fast. Very soon we will be heading into the 2017. Every new year gives me a scary yet exhilarating rush. It is embracing change, it's a whole new beginning, a whole new world. and speaking of whole new year, I am so torn between getting a part-time job here in Japan or online works. So, before I ran out of intro to post here, Please choose your favorites on my wishlist below:

Touches of twist and interest, like a sslit coat, laced-up lapels, and raw edges, put a playful finish on neutral colors for a super minimalist look.

My personal fave, nude. I got nude piece all through summer to winter. Transitioning is the key, and the best way to style pleated items is to add lots of layers. uare's dresses offers variety of pleated designs and jacket layers for a final touch. Check it out and fell in love with her works/ designs by clicking the highlight word above.

I'm searching for a faded grey denim for a long time now, and this graphic approach piece is to die for. DIY or  buy a ready made right away to this online store. This Not-So-Typical patchwork denim you're about to go cray-cray for is a hot trend this winter. There’s a reason why so many fashionistas  are embracing the patchwork trend, and that’s because of it’s luxe and vibrancy.

Rich velvet is a fall to winter 2017 fashion trend I'm shopping now. Spotted on the catwalk at Fendi, Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Christopher Kane, velvet has ruled the runway this Fashion Week. This is what trending from runway to street style. It's all about luxury and comfort for this trend I super love.

If you're amazed with the ootds above as much as I do. There's more to love here


  1. I am loving anything in velvet! super chic! :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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