Thursday, October 19, 2017


Hello addicts! The things you see in this post is what you have to get me on my birthday!
It's time for transitioning season. Let me help you fill in your closet with the latest transition pieces  from one of thr best fashion online DRESSLILY
October babies like me are happily creating ideas in every field, in their own different ways. Let me share mine, I find myself more creative when I'm happy. It's been such a happy month, I am recently matching outfit ideas on my computer. Outfits below consist of "i love showing my skin" kind of cold ber months

Oh the SLEEVE LACED UP! I mean who doesn't love such ideas? We're done with collar laced up. So hello side laced ups!

This trend "pencil cut" since summer is hard to forget. I can't remember to forget all the skirts I bought last summer that I can still pull out on cold seasons. This skirt with pop of a lace is everything. The unforgettable pencil skirt with a twist. Hahahaha

Can't see the embroidered rose patch on the sleeve? Click the photo above. I swear you won't stop staring into this top!

Last but not the least. The bombers + rose patch collaboration. This is perfection. Thank you DRESSLILY, you made my soul happy today by panic buying on your shop.


  1. Dang, that white top looks so gorgeous!

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