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How to choose cosmetics for summer

How to choose cosmetics for the summer?
It is popular knowledge that we have four main seasons namely summer, autumn, winter and spring. Of all the seasons, summer is one of the prominent seasons in all parts of the world. Summer is always a period of excitement for everybody. It is even commonly referred to as the holiday season. Everyone wants to have fun during this season. An important part of the summer season is the different events we have to attend during the season. For our different events, the right choice of cosmetic products is essential. A cosmetic product such as the setting powder, used for the wrong season may end up being a disaster. The seasonal and temperature changes require the best choice of cosmetics and setting powder for your summer makeup. By picking the right setting powder you can get the best out of your makeup during the summer.


Certain setting powders are designed to be specifically compatible with the summer season. Picking just any setting powder may not give you the best makeup effect possible or may lead to a cosmetic disaster. In choosing the setting powder which would best fit the summer season, there are important factors to be considered. These include;
·         Pick only a setting powder that moisturizes your skin.
The summer season is dry and your choice of setting powder should be one which helps to moisturize your skin and not further dry it up. Avoid setting powders which dry up your face to avoid your face looking parched.
·         Pick a setting powder which keeps oil at bay.
Sweating is normal during the summer season. You will end up having a sweaty and oily face and it is important that your setting powder is able to deal with sweat and oily skin. An example of a setting powder that does this is Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder.
·         Pick a setting powder that won’t easily rub off.
During the summer, you will constantly have a skin soaked with sweat, if you pick a setting powder that rubs of easily, you will end up having smeared makeup. Whenever you sweat profusely, your makeup will end up being a disaster. That's why you should pick a setting powder which is able to deal eliminate all smearing.
·         Pick a setting powder free of harsh chemicals
A lot of setting powders are made from chemicals which are harmful to the skin. When we sweat our bodies absorb many of these chemicals faster. This means that during the summer our bodies are at risk of chemical poisoning. If you’ll be getting a setting powder for your summer, make sure it is a setting powder which has a list of ingredients that are completely safe for your skin. Silicone and hydroquinone has been known to be a harmful chemical using in cosmetic products.

·         NYX HD Finishing Powder
·         Maybelline Setting Powder
·         Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
·         Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder
·         Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder, $32, Sephora
·         Bare Minerals Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo
·         Physicians Formula Powder Palette
·         Tarte Smooth Operator Clay Setting Powder


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