Sunday, October 4, 2015


I have the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie, the spirit of a fairy. No fear, Live free! I have always considered myself a free spirit, surrendering to wherever life takes me. I always choose and live by what I want, not what others will think or want from me, So I would always rather have someone be brutally honest and truthful to me.
So much for the introduction about my thoughts of the day, let's talk about my fave autumn look. I am wearing the most comfortable piece from lovelywholesale. They always give me the perfect clothing material, style, size and price, and I always get very excited every time I receive lovelywholesale items from the mail. happy monday everyone! Kill it!  
Make everything perfect! Always do your best! Please don't forget to comment below, share your thoughts about this look.


Friday, September 25, 2015


Summertime had me dreamed of the beach, and all the wonderful weddings I've seen on them. The nautical color scheme of blue and gold gives this dream wedding looks or wedding inspo major sophistication and keeps the look fun and simple. When it comes to my dream beach wedding dresses look for something beautiful, dramatic and perfectly describes you and your theme.

You're gathering your favorite people in the world for your big day — no wonder you feel a bit of pressure to ensure every detail is absolutely perfect. Cruising on a wedding is the best idea for nautical theme weddings or wedding on the beach as destination wedding. What is wonderful about a destination wedding dresses is that the bride, groom families and guests can choose attire that will mean something and very sentimental or memorable because everyone can spend more than just event time together. This is the time when you really need to know which outfits looks best.

It's important to have the rest of your wedding details in place and well organized before you can truly shop for a gown, since many factors can influence the style of the dress. Consider Cocomelody as the perfect shop for your dream nautical theme wedding attire. Truly a beach nautical wedding, whether held at an exotic destination or the best summer getaway, can be a great experience both for the couple and their guests. If you are planning a summer wedding, it is time to get your bridesmaid dresses ordered. Below are some bridesmaid ideas ootd for the perfect nautical beach wedding by a cruise.

While your wedding dress should shine a bit brighter than those of your entourage on the big day, your bridesmaids deserve to look their best, too. For a wedding that's headed out of town, these destination-approved bridesmaid dresses are as trendy as they are practical. This will be an amazing thoughtful gift to be both a wedding remembrance and a token of appreciation for your bridesmaids' time and efforts

Thursday, September 17, 2015


We all Have those lazy days. Those days where you do not want to get out of the bed because it's raining  but you absolutely have to. I'm still in my bed while writing this post and because it's still raining outside, I don't really feel like getting up. lol!
In Today's post I am in love with another of glamorous NEWDRESS Jumpsuits. I'm sure fellow jumpsuit addicts will understand how it is so hard to find one with the right fit and that's actually comfortable. I found a piece unlike any other jumpsuit that sports a chic and feminine cut and perfect for on the go to run errands or going to work.  I'm a Huge fan of Jumpuits, you can wear them from daytime to date nights, Now I have a white one and I can't wait to find a black one!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Today I'm sharing my Second fall OOTD. As you all know, I am in love with neutrals and lace, and the light fabric will transition perfectly to my early autumn adventure in Hamamatsu, Japan. My love for lace trend doesn't only last all summer, it's coming into autumn. So Today I am wearing these lace detailed matchy-matchy from wholesalebuying. Such an amazing webshop with so many trends to choose from. Went for an all white look to enter lookbook's contest. Please hype this look soon, my lookbook account is It's so nice to see the sunshine during chill seasons, and to celebrate I am particularly loving the all white trend. It's quite a bold statement. What do you think about this look? Did my all-white look score? Comment your thoughts below.


Monday, September 14, 2015


Yay! I finally experienced autumn twice since we moved here in Hamamatsu, Japan. I am looking forward to some colder weather so that that I can rock out all my boots, big knits, wool, coats and scarves again. I went for a chic autumn outfit and I thought I'd give this new season a warm welcome with an Autumn inspired look post. Starting off with this amazing romper from WHOLESALEBUYING. Rompers literally take over my whole wardrobe. So happy I finally got a long-sleeved one. This romper is ridiculously comfortable and easy to wear and with a just right mix of sunshine and chill, it's a perfect opportunity to start wearing some long sleeves and boots.



It’s the season for Pageant, fashion events, balls and formal events. What To Wear To A Black Tie Event? Now-a-days, Proper black-tie events usually for women, it includes anything from floor length Gowns or whether a below knee length cocktail type dress will be suitable and doesn’t really want the expense of buying a ball dress when you know you’ll never wear it again.

While autumn-winter may signal the end of wedding season for some of us, it doesn’t mean it's the end of formal related events! The nice thing about attending these chilly-weather celebrations is that you can often get away with transforming your holiday party gowns.

Still don’t know what to wear? Browse some cheap evening gowns inspo below for innovative ways to formally, yet stylishly attend your next formal event.

Shiny Evening Dresses
Shine is one of the essentials, which distinguishes a simple dress from evening attire. In 2015 red carpet inspo, bloggers and celebrities wear long evening dresses from shining fabric in different shades. Silver and gold metallic were the most favorites.

Rustic Evening Dresses
Rustic like off shoulders and other boho dresses look light, airy and incredibly romantic. Pastels and pale colors are the biggest hits this 2016.

Slit-skirt Evening Dresses
A single slit along the thigh is the new fashion forward way. These slit trend accentuate beautiful legs and the show stopper to enhance height and figure. This is another reason to final a stylish classic stiletto.

3D-effect Evening Dresses
Spotted over from the fashion week runways, the 3-D effect is taking over evening wear. An ivory landscape of dreamy florals fluttering on top line and layers of silk tulle. Wearing this piece might be drawn from adventure to futuristic night of our lives.


Rustic inspo weddings are up there with the most sought after themes for 2015 and thus far and they are here to stay until 2016! It's a theme with charm, style, creativity, DIY and one that is suitable for all year round. Add a Country-chic feel to your wedding with the best Rustic & Vintage Wedding. I decided to share this insanely gorgeous, rustic wedding inspiration and we are beyond obsessed from the lace wedding dresses. It's time to Turn up the glam factor with landybridal. I just can't stop thinking about walking in an aisle facing in front of a Huge rustic fireplace with a wood burning Fire and candles and flowers with cowboy boots outfit from guests and bridesmaids. For fashion, long wedding veils and laced gowns with ethereal lace and Floral embellishments are romantic ideas the Bridesmaids

There is something about a rustic themed wedding that really pulls on my sentimental heartstrings. Talking about gown inspo trend, a rustic wedding is filled with lace textures, natural organics,, patterns and other vintage details. Yet somehow, this Fine, feminine fabric felt new again on recent bridal runways. Have you ever dreamed of a rustic wedding? As you browse more in this article, you’ll fall in love with rustic as much as I do.

This collection is sure to leave a lasting impression on all your Guests. I hope you love all these inspiration you need for a rustic -Inspired Wedding See my 5 most ravishing rustic 2016 wedding dresses here:

P.S. This shop by the way offers free shipping on selected gowns, you can click the photo below to start shopping: