Thursday, December 26, 2013


If you are wondering how a lavish modern wedding that takes place in a historical building looks like, you just have to find the Bently Reserve wedding photos. The Old Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, now named the Bently Reserve is hosting weddings up to 800 hundreds of guests. This building is included in the National Register of Historic Places. Its magnificent style creates an absolutely amazing atmosphere for your party and the photographs taken there have a munificentair. Today the wedding photography is a totally modern and developed sphere. Still, when it comes to taking wedding pictures in historical buildings, this art can bring out the good old style of one kiss between a bride and a groom. Everything that is going to be a part of a wedding portrait is going to be remembered. This is why, all the brides have tons of make up on their faces and all the grooms are dressed in the best suits and ties. People want to look good in the pictures, they will have for the rest of their lives. Every photograph taken at such an event, has to be a good one, there is no room for bad light, blurred photograph, wrong background and sad faces. A wedding is about love, this is the reason why wedding photographs should be taken with love. The event that celebrates the climax of the feelings shared between two love birds, has to be captured in its best light. Find a photographer that knows how to work everything well, from the location of your wedding party and the way sun lights up your face to the drunk dancing photography. The moving and the static are both important aspects and the photographs taken during one or another, should be all beautiful. The photographer has to know the right moment for pushing the button, the marrying couple has to show the love, the guests have to show the happiness and the building where it all happens, has to fit perfectly the wedding theme.Love is what matters at weddings and generally in our lives. In front of the camera it is absolutely necessary to show this feeling so after years you will get to look at the pictures, you will get to feel the love in its rawest state, just like it was in the beginning.

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