Thursday, July 30, 2015


As they say, The best jewelry is Modesty. The best clothing is Confidence. But he best thing about breezy, comfy dresses like this one is that you can look presentable, with a blue necklace as my final touch, Big or small, simple or elegant—jewelry enhances this whole look. I wanted to make this simple outfit much more interesting and total stand-out so here's the best necklace I got online, This Pretty Ocean Blue Statement Necklace is from Happiness Boutique. A Berlin, Germany based shop with a style is timeless classic with a charming vintage touch. They also provide clothing and jewelry collections feature eye-catching designs, timeless classic styles, beautiful prints, adorable patterns, and vibrant colors online that offer free shipping as well as their customer reward program. Hope you guys are all able to get this necklace as well! HAPPY HAPPY WEEKEND ADDICTS! SMELL THE INSPIRATION AND THROW KINDNESS LIKE CONFETTI!


Choosing a Video Editor in Thunder Bay

No matter if you need someone to shoot your video or you only need someone to edit the work you have already completed, finding the best video editing services in Thunder Bay is of the utmost important. 


Due to just about everyone carrying a cell phonethat can shoot video and all the editing software programs available today, anyone can create videos. However, if you want professional productions or editing, you must look at an experienced company that has the knowledge as well as the expertise to create a video that will go viral. 


When choosing a video production or video editing company you should look at the type of equipment they use. Experienced companies will have more than one camera and various types of equipment that will ensure the production will fit for various types of media to meet the requirements of their customers. Along with this they will have different types of backgrounds, props and lighting to ensure the highest quality videos will be created. 


When you look at a quote from a video production company, the quote should include how many people will be on your set. Along with this the quote should explain the skills each person has and why they are needed. 


A professional will also provide you with a quote that explains how much of the entire budget will be spent on each aspect of your video such as before production, during production, and after the production. 


In many cases, extra costs may not be listed on the first quote, but you should ask if there could be extra costs like packaging the branding elements like your logo, extra hours, revisions, and if the scope of the work involved increases. This way you can ensure that the production or editing will stay within your allocated budget or if you need to increase your budget. 


Before hiring a company, always ask for references and the skills the team has in order to ensure you are getting individuals that produce high quality productions or editing that meet your requirements. 


Contact references and learn how the production went for them. Learn if the company stayed within the budget, if they were happy with the video and the team. Also ask if any problems arose such as not meeting deadlines or other factors that may cause you issues with your own production. If you are only looking for editing services, ask references about the editing portion of their productions and if all went smoothly. 


Above all else, if you will be working alongside the company, ensure you are comfortable with the team and their interaction with your own employees or individuals that will be in your production.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


On hunt for cheap homecoming dresses 2015 and not sure which color to select? Get ready for the Big Dance with 2 color shades Homecoming-approved color trend ideas. The most popular shades for 2015 spring/summer color trend are Scuba Blue and Aquamarine, again bringing up the most stunning and feminine side. I've managed to compile the perfect colors through the help of fashion week runway trend, trend forecasting Pantone specialist and by the help of blogosphere and some resources online. See the trends that made the biggest impact on the runways of New York on this article and find your perfect dress featuring tons of styles and fashion ideas below, Just keep reading...

 Ideally, a homecoming dress should fall just above the knee. Full-length gowns are while appropriate for prom. Let me share the outfit ideas below for your dream perfect length and color this homecoming 2015 from Wishesbridal. Soft, Cool Hues last September's fashion week steal the runway show. What do you thing about these specific colors? Please don't forget to comment your bet if it's Scuba Blue or Aquamarine.



These homecoming dress photos above are from this amazing online shop named Wishesbridal. These sexy homecoming dresses are sure to knock their socks off! They not only offer the perfect dress for that special occasions, but this shop also have options for day to night, It's like your professional dresses maker that also offers 2015 unique vintage wedding dresses and the latest collection custom made party dresses in any occasions. They provide an amazing selection of fresh and exciting dresses for women for you to shop. If you've ever been stumped by the appropriate dress for an occasion, Wishesbridal is the perfect online shopping solution. Get tips, inspiration, discounts and special offers.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

3 Irresistible Benefits of celebrity shoes

 Every single woman deserves nothing but the best and that’s what celebrity shoes are for. Most women feel elated with high heeled shoes and that’s something that no other type of shoes can do. There’s so much more to high heels than just a pair of shoes, they’re much more than that. Check out some neat benefits of high heeled shoes below and you’ll surely understand all the craze for celebrity high heels:

One of the most obvious reasons is the height advantage. High heeled shoes make you look taller. Not that it totally matters for everyone, but for women who are looking for a more graceful gait, looking taller is something that high heels are good at. I do have to tell you though, you may need to take some time to learn tame these beasts, but once you get used to them, you're going to feel like a queen.

High heeled shoes are perfect for looking attractive. All women want attention (well, in a good way) and wearing the most recent high heeled-styles is a sure way to get noticed. A pair of stilettos will definitely set the bar for attractive and you on top of the list.

If you're looking for the right dose of confidence you should focus your sights on high heeled shoes. Most women would contest to it, but high heeled shoes can offer any woman a huge boost in confidence. Why? They’re not the easiest shoes to wear, but anyone wearing them will appear exquisite. And knowing that fact makes any woman feel incredible about mastering the art of walking on heels.

Friday, July 10, 2015


I finally got my hands on my first 10dollarmall item and I'm one happy customer that will be returning. Merging comfort and style into one perfect package with this ethnic print palazzo pants. Palazzo Pants are a huge trend at the moment. I am so happy palazzo pants are making a huge comeback this 2015 because they are lightweight, flattering and stylish on a hot sunny summer. If you can still recall on my previous post here, I'm such a big fan of 10dollarmall.  This shop has 25 years experience in the fashion industry located in Chula Vista, California. Every product placed on their website is quality over it's value. If you are interested in this boho pants and so many more, you should definitely check out They have a HUGE selection of Boho outfits and girly girl dresses, shorts, shoes and more.


4 Spot on Reasons to Own a Pair of red bottom shoes for women

4 Spot on Reasons to Own a Pair of red bottom shoes for women

 It takes just one glance for a shoe aficionado to tell what’s hot and what’s not. The thing with red bottom shoes for women is that it’s one style of the hottest high heels around. If you haven’t got yours yet, you should! If you're not sure why you must have these beauties, you should at least check out the reasons below first:

High heels with red soles are far more attractive – have you ever noticed one lady walking in a pair of non-red bottom heels aside this fine lady with those smoking hot red soled high heels? There really isn’t any small difference because there’s a really huge one. Face it ladies, red sole heels are the bomb and there’s no changing that.

They are Luxurious – great for almost any type of occasions you throw them at, red bottoms are the finest type of high heels that you can wear. There’s just no going wrong with these heels and you know that because they look great and even the simplest dress becomes extravagant with them on.

There’s an infinite number of pairing possibilities – Like previously stated, you can wear your red bottom heels with just about anything. Wear them with a skirt, a dress, a pair of jeans, anything will look awesome with red bottom heels. That’s what makes these shoes real great.

They’re always in trend – if you're worried about not being able to wear your shoes next season because they are already out of date, you should have more reason to get high heels with red soles since they don’t easily fade out of fashion. A little history check here, red sole heels are in existence for more than a century and they’re only getting better every time. Worried about making the wrong decision? You shouldn’t there’s nothing wrong with choosing red sole heels, choosing perfection.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Sometimes the best part about getting dressed is what goes on your feet. "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." - Marilyn Monroe. So we're showing you a rundown of shoe options to choose from for spring/summer 2015.

 Monochrome Peeptoe Heels
"Peep" is the best word to describe these shoes: open at the front, it reveals a couple of toes. These open toe sandals are quite sought after by the classy and sophisticated look. Even winter has seen peep toes heels being in popular demand for their sexy design. 

Wedge Heels
 The Best Shoe Trends of Spring 2015 Fashion Week for me is the black peep toe wedges with ankle strap. Nothing shouts spring/summer for quite like a chic pair of wedge sandals! The uber fashionable yet classic wedge sandal is a must in every girl's wardrobe, especially paired with this season’s hot 70s inspired trends. Replace your boring summer sandals with these suede peep-toe wedges to transition summer dresses into summer. As the weather getting cooler, a pair of tights will do the trick into fall/winter. 

Glitter Heels
If you are going to wear sparkly, open-toe sandals for Summer parties and night outs is your best friend, make sure your toes don't dampen the fancy look. If you love heels, you will absolutely Love these black sparkle peep toe heels. It's perfect!

Bow tie Heels
Bring out your girly side and hunt for selection of shoes with bows. Cute bowties are playful, fun and feminine, but aren't just for girly girls. Stay in the loop with the season's most ladylike essential perhaps there's this one trend that turning heads, is the bow fashion trend. Bows definitely keeps up with trends, and that's important for ladies of the fashion world. Not only can you pair a fab pair of canvas peep toe bow chunky heels with pants, culottes, skirt and dresses.
is the HAPPY PLACE of shoes! Offers High Quality Fashion Shoes for Women & Girls. Big DISCOUNTS of 50%-85% for over 50000 designer styles shoes for you to choose. With quick-and-easy online purchasing process in addition to offering all clients the dedicated and knowledgeable customer service. Be modern and follow Shoespie fashion trends with thr popular shoes, boots, sandals and other cool items. Just enjoy your shopping here.


This light, carefree and airy fabric is one of the hottest fashion trends for spring and summer 2015. The lace top is one of the hottest fashion trends for spring/summer 2015 most especially crochet lace. Shop the Spring 2015 Trends: 10 White Lace Pieces to Wear Now.  Popping up everywhere from knotted, crochet to knitted, Lace is such a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern, made by machine or by hand.

Did you know?
 Lace was officially one of the most tweeted terms over Fashion Week. We're keeping an eye on the red carpet, the celebroty It girls and the fashion bloggers and experts who are innovating. Naked lace, tops with embellished backs, fashion-forward crop tops, white lace tank top, and so much more. White lace tops give you a subtle yet sexy look. You can match it with anything including shorts or skirts from formal parties to bohemian festival vibes, Lace will be your greatest essential. 

Not a fan of showing off a ton of skin during the summer? Worry no more! There's more modest and way to keep your look as low-key as possible, while still looking trendy. Find a sheer lace top to immediately layer over a crop or tank top. Wearing a lace top over a tank or crop top like this one here, may do the trick! Click the photo above.

Lace tops come in different forms and detailing, so here's some style advice on how to wear one. You can mix and match this lace top originally paired with knee length skirt. All you have to do is find a much more formal skirt such as ball skirt. A black satin is perfect for a lace top above. A Black velvet piece with a full skirt may also do the trick. So, look around for casual lace tops for daytime and fancy-dancy full skirt for black tie event.

A Girl's BFF for summer:  Lace, Fringe, Flowers, and Coachella. I swear I became obsessed with how many ways I could wear this piece but Coachella vibe outfit is my favorite way to style a white Lace tank top. It's super mandatory to wear something that's fashionable yet comfortable and light during music festivals in fact, Festival gives off a chill, bohemian, hipster vibe.

Which lace top styling you love the most? Let me know via comments below. Don't forget to click the photos above to get started your lace top hunt.

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 Are you a  Floral Chic?

who badly wants ultra feminine floral dresses to complete your vintage fashion look this summer?Summer's floral prints are decidedly romantic. Modern fashion experts have transformed the classic pattern into something extremely bold using a vibrant color and edgy patterns—and we just can’t get enough of this hot trend this summer 2015. I went on an absolute hunt for my favorite blue and white florals. I found this very pretty combo in floral trend, the blue on white. I find myself often drawn to blue paired with white. They just seem to perfectly belong together. Don't miss this floral trend fashion cocktail dresses. You will surely love  how the floral baroque details really bring the blue florals out in these dresses.



Or a Neutrals babe?
100 shades of nude fanatic? Nude trend is the new black. Anything from soft apricot, flesh-tone hues to earthy neutrals is going to be on the hot list for summer 2015! So have fun with the photos below and start looking for cheap cocktail dresses shops but also in your own wardrobe. So do hunt on a nude colored dress! it is such a versatile piece, definetely a closet must-have! You can wear it with black, brown or nude high heel for summer or with black boots for winter final touched with a coat.

Which trend are you? Look stunning this season with the best fashion cocktail dresses  & evening dress range.  Make a signature bold and breathtaking entrance with the stunning, show stopper formal, evening & cocktail dresses, you can click the links below photos to start shopping. See more of the latest selection aside from photos above. You'll surely be spending a fair share of your time and money in this shop.


 So many ways to spin—ahem, wrap work a bandage dress season after season. The 2015 Summer is the best season to show -off the latest trend and the blog and fashion world is gearing up. This year, the runaways were packed with the rebirth of past trends including bodycon dresses. If you got curves and nerves, a bodycon dress (Kardashian peg) is your best bet. Don't you worry bandage lovers, The bandage cocktail dress trend is here to stay.  The bodycon/bandage dress comes in wide range of styles, neckline, prints and colours like sequin, floral, geometric, 3d, gold, pink, green and so many others So here's a shop that best provide the bandage dress in any occasions. More of bandage dress styles to choose from all a discounted price. What are you waiting for? Check out this Stunning Contrast Black,White, lace, and long sleeved Bodycon Dress Perfect for that big night out.

Here's my few favorites for a budget-friendly Bodycon dress shop. Here's my top 4 picks on


This is a bandage little black dress with a difference. It features a dramatic neckline. A peek-a-boo overlay with lace. This black off shoulder bodycon party dress is the perfect little black dress for the party season. The details makes this thing a girl's bestfriend and definitely a must-have in your wardrobe.


Stunning and charming White Dress, bodycon fit. Feel and look like a celeb in this classic monochrome/white bodycon dress. Sleeveless dress features a unique neckline that will surely make you stand out the crowd. 


A sleeveless body-con matchy sets features a crochet overlay with a feminine floral cuts hemline. For an outfit that leaves you nowhere to hide, a lace bodycon dress is ultra-feminine. This is one of the best dreamy and girly pieces that is perfect for a movie or concert date night.


This dress features long sleeve fit to body to emphasize waist line. This casual chic long sleeve green knee-lenght bodycon dress is a layering dream.  Classic dress seekers like me have searched for a dress style as timeless and perfect as this.

Friday, July 3, 2015


Floral romper, Resting bitch face and death stares are my friday ootd. It's not that I am never happy or I don't like you, I just suffer from chronic Resting Bitch Face. HAHAHA! Today I was told to smile often. I justified my lack of smiling in my blog pictures by citing the famous blogger look 'resting bitch face' cliche to prefer for our outfit looks. 
This floral romper is such a bomb. Of course it's from one of the best shops TWINKLEDEALS.  It's the best romper I've ever had. If there’s one must-have romper style this summer, it’s is a floral print this pretty.  Make sure you have at least one of these must-have floral prints in your closet. Pattern prints are wardrobe staples when it comes to fall/summer. With less layers comes a need to say a lot in one piece. So happy I took a chance to shop in TWINKLEDEALS because their quality and price is amazing. This was such a good buy for the money. I couldn't be happier.  I receive so many compliments when I wear twinkledeals items.