Sunday, July 5, 2015


 Are you a  Floral Chic?

who badly wants ultra feminine floral dresses to complete your vintage fashion look this summer?Summer's floral prints are decidedly romantic. Modern fashion experts have transformed the classic pattern into something extremely bold using a vibrant color and edgy patterns—and we just can’t get enough of this hot trend this summer 2015. I went on an absolute hunt for my favorite blue and white florals. I found this very pretty combo in floral trend, the blue on white. I find myself often drawn to blue paired with white. They just seem to perfectly belong together. Don't miss this floral trend fashion cocktail dresses. You will surely love  how the floral baroque details really bring the blue florals out in these dresses.



Or a Neutrals babe?
100 shades of nude fanatic? Nude trend is the new black. Anything from soft apricot, flesh-tone hues to earthy neutrals is going to be on the hot list for summer 2015! So have fun with the photos below and start looking for cheap cocktail dresses shops but also in your own wardrobe. So do hunt on a nude colored dress! it is such a versatile piece, definetely a closet must-have! You can wear it with black, brown or nude high heel for summer or with black boots for winter final touched with a coat.

Which trend are you? Look stunning this season with the best fashion cocktail dresses  & evening dress range.  Make a signature bold and breathtaking entrance with the stunning, show stopper formal, evening & cocktail dresses, you can click the links below photos to start shopping. See more of the latest selection aside from photos above. You'll surely be spending a fair share of your time and money in this shop.


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  2. Pretty florals are so nice for spring and summer. I plan on getting more skirts and dresses in floral prints when the weather gets warmer again.

  3. This selection is amzing! I love the first one. ciao gloria


  4. Lovely and chic!

  5. all of these cocktail dresses are amazing but I like the last one the most!!!!!

  6. Love all the dresses. Very hard to decide which trend I am ;)
    xx Alina

  7. Gorgeous picks, love the first dress.

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

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